Guiding souls through pain into a state of Oneness, Peace and Empowerment

Energy Healer, Mental Coach, Medical Intuitive


Soul Ascension

This is for lightworkers who are ready to ascend to their highest potential.
Experience profound transformation, release recurring issues & manifest miracles faster than ever before.


Do you struggle with Sensitivity? This is a three months package. If you want long-term support and shift into fulfillment, joy and a bright future this is for you.

General Health

Do you struggle with health? This is a four weeks package for General Health issues using Medical Intuitive Technique™ by Skylar Acamesis. If you want to feel confident in your body and shift into vibrant health this is for you.


I am a certified Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive and I use these techniques in my one-to-one sessions and packages.

Using this mix of intuition, meditation, hypnosis techniques and practical exercises, I guide your soul through pain into a state of oneness, peace and empowerment.

My goals are…

… making big changes in our society such as reducing mental illness
… building a bridge between modern world and spirituality
… integrating more spirituality in our daily routine
… strengthening the connection to nature and the animal kingdom

❝In being present with your pain without shame or judgement, you become the Master of your life❞

Bettina Selinger

To work with Bettina brought me to a next level in my life and this happened in a very short time. I came to her regularly for about 3 months and we worked on very deep issues like my childhood trauma, anxiety and aggression. My stress levels have significantly decreased and now I feel more confident and relaxed which I never felt before.

I was presented to a bright new me! Bettina is a very kind and talented person, who is able to hold a beautiful space for healing to happen. With her help I could forgive myself and others for hurting me. I’m deeply grateful for everything, I can only recommend working with her.



I came to Bettina because I wanted to know what clients I could attract and where I differ from other offerings.

The session helped me find answers, feel more confident, clear blockages and plan next steps for my work. I felt in good hands.



Working with Bettina was extremely impressive. I have to admit, I am kind of critical towards healings, but Bettina convinced me very well! Not only did she precisely see what my pattern is, she also helped me to calm myself with a meditation and gave me great advice.

Since the session I feel very good because of Bettina I now see my patterns and problems and therefore I feel more secure. I now know, where to continue the work to free myself from the patterns and therefore I am more than glad to have Bettina as help and my mentor/ healer.

Thank you, Bettina!




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